Contrast relative dating and radiometric dating

18-Sep-2017 09:07

artifact: An object made by humans that has been preserved and can be studied to learn about a particular time period.

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Within a population there may be many different alleles of a gene; each has a unique nucleotide sequence.

antibacterial: Having the ability to kill bacteria.

antibiotics: Substances that destroy or inhibit the growth of microorganisms, particularly disease-causing bacteria.

Amphibian larvae are aquatic, and have gills for respiration; they undergo metamorphosis to the adult form.

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Most amphibians are found in damp environments and they occur on all continents except Antarctica.

The diameter of the aperture determines the intensity of light admitted. archeology: The study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of physical remains, such as graves, tools, pottery, and other artifacts.

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